How Many Calories Are In 1 Pound Of Fat?

If burning fat were easy, we would never need to have blogs, diets, exercise, pills or anything else like that.  But its not easy.  I did some research a while back when I wanted to loose some weight.  Forgive me for not having the reference for the website I found this info on, but what they said was this:

 3500 calories equals one pound of fat. 

 So if you want to burn one pound of fat off, you need to burn 3500 calories.  That is a HUGE amount of calories! This is why they always emphasize diet and exercise.  If you take in less calories you don’t have as many to burn off when you want to loose the weight. 

I mentioned my elliptical in another post.  I have never burned more than a few hundred calories an hour on that.  Which means that I would need to spend at least 10 hours on the machine to burn one pound of fat!  This was one of the most depressing things I have heard in regards to burning fat.  Of course I need to look at more effective ways to burn fat, including working harder on the elliptical so that I burn more than a few hundred in one hour.

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