Natural Weight Loss Ingredients

So I mentioned that I was looking into Cinnamon and Ginger because a website had said they were among the top ten foods that burn fat.

I googled “Cinnamon” “burn fat.” A bunch of websites popped up, but I clicked on the one with the word “gourmet” in it because it sounded so official (see it here). What they said shocked and awed me! It was so cool.

According to this website, one fourth of a teaspoon of cinnamon can decrease you blood sugar levels AND assist your body in metabolizing sugar quicker, 20 times quicker! Seriously, this makes me want to have cinnamon with every meal. And it makes me want to call my diabetic parents and see if they are aware of the potential effects of cinnamon.

The same website had a bit to say about ginger as well. According to the website ginger has the ability to dilate your blood vessels. Now usually, because I get migraines, I try to constrict my blood vessels, but still this is fascinating. Once your blood vessels are dilated your body heat will increase and your metabolism can go up by 20%.

In addition to these little gems the web site also talked about cayenne pepper (another spice the previous website mentioned). Apparently cayenne pepper can have fat burning qualities for hours after you eat it. I’m not big on spicy foods, but perhaps I should reconsider!

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